Frequently Asked Questions

What is approved in 2007 and not changing in this proposal?

  1. Plan area 608 acres is not changing.
  2. The zoning for the private school as approved in 2007.
  3. Residential zoning of the first phase (shown as DC116) as approved in 2007.
  4. Density of 64 units per quarter section.
  5. Lot size 1.0 to 1.3 acres.
  6. Lot size of 1 acre or 2 acres does not increase the population because the density is 64 lots per quarter section.
  7. 58-64 units per quarter section or 220-240 lots on the entire plan area.
  8. Municipal Reserve from all 608 acres dedicated primarily in the Springbank Creek valley. Public open space and pathways on 220-240 acres.
  9. “Conservation cluster” rather than traditional 2 acre lot pattern.
  10. No ground water wells. Water service provided by Westridge Water Co-op.
  11. No septic fields. Communal systems required. Underground piping installed for regional wastewater and water systems.
  12. In the creek valley, re-establishment of natural landscape and dedication of public open space.
  13. Network of local trails connected to the regional pathway network.
  14. No pathway access to Elbow River Valley. No pathway access to MRE.
  15. No retail, office or café businesses. No seniors’ facilities or villas

NOTE: “Future development cells” are owned by others. They are required to prepare plans and land use amendment application and hold open house meetings at the time they apply for rezoning. The maximum is 64 units per quarter section.

What is proposed in the current application?

  1. One new policy for one centralized wastewater treatment system shared by all homes rather than individual systems for each phase.
  2. One new policy for the disposal of fully treated and tested water by spray irrigation of alfalfa and hay crops.
  3. A land use amendment for 43 lots in a “conservation cluster” in phase 2.
  4. A land use amendment for 42 acres of Environmental Reserve and Municipal Reserve in the Springbank Creek Valley.
  5. A land use amendment for 85-100 acres for the spray irrigation of alfalfa and hay.
  6. Presentation to a Public Hearing of Rocky View Council in late winter/spring2013.

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